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5 Ways to Save Your Roof This Winter

NOAA’s 2020 - 2021 winter forecast is predicting cooler, wetter conditions for the Northern US. With the potential for a very wet, cold, and possibly snow filled winter ahead, taking preventative measures now is essential to protecting your roof this winter.


commercial roof inspection

A professional inspection is the most effective way to stop roof problems before they happen. Regular inspections should be scheduler at least twice a year as part of any preventative maintenance plan.


commercial roof debris removal

Blocked drains and gutters trap water from melted snow causing it to seep down into cracks and crevices. Evan a small amount of water can cause significant damage to the roof structure. Freezing and expanding over and over again.


commercial roofing heat loss

Excess heat loss on flat roofs can cause snow to melt and refreeze rapidly leading to damaging ice dams. Adequate ventilation will give cool air the ability to flow efficiently, while proper insulation will prevent pockets of warm air from reaching the roof, which is where the “melt and refreeze” process begins.


commercial roof snow removal

Packed snow can weigh up to 20 pounds per cubic feet. The unnecessary strain and damage from melting snow and ice can be avoided with regular monitoring and removal. Snow removal should always be done by a professional to ensure safety and avoid damage to the roof.


commercial roofing sealants and coatings

When applied proactively, coatings and sealants provide an effective barrier against moisture and damage. Boosting your roof's ability to resist moisture and reinforcing the integrity of your flat roof's membrane.

Eastern's expert team provides custom preventive maintenance plans and snow removal contracts to ensure your roof is properly protected. With a service team on-call 24/7 we are always ready to respond when extreme weather hits. Don't be caught unprepared this winter, protect your investment with ERSI.

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