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Commercial Roof Maintenance Tune-Up

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tune-Up

The roof of a commercial building is one of the most important components to maintain.

Roof failures can result in major disruption to the use of a commercial property. Commercial roof maintenance, and being proactive with roof inspections and repairs, are proven to result in a longer roof lifespan.

That’s why we are excited to share our commercial roof tune up program. It’s designed to help building owners and property managers understand and take control of their roof maintenance. This program can help address roofing issues before they create the need for an expensive commercial roof replacement. We aim to make it simple for our clients.

When it comes to commercial roofing, our team aims to repair and maintain first. With every commercial roof we step on, we are looking for ways to keep it working longer to extend the life of the roof as much as possible while protecting the structure.

So, what does our commercial roof maintenance tune-up consist of?

To put it simply, it’s three things:

  1. A thorough commercial roof inspection

  2. Light repairs our inspection tech can perform on the spot.

  3. A report provided to the owner or manager, including photos and descriptions.

Thorough Commercial Roof Inspection.

Our commercial roof tune-up always begins with a thorough inspection of the roof. We will access the roof either by built-in access or with our ladder and walk the roof to understand its condition. Our roof walk will begin at the perimeter of the roof and work inward toward the roof “field”.

Our commercial roof technicians will inspect the following critical areas on the rooftop:

  • Perimeter wall condition, including cap metal and/or gutters.

  • Condition of roof drains. Many commercial roof leaks originate with clogged drains.

  • Check the seams for any uplift or opening. Loose seams on membrane roofs are a primary cause of failure. Bad roof seams should be addressed quickly as this problem can spread quickly.

  • HVAC and penetration flashing. Areas where traffic occurs, and where there are transitions to vertical membrane, can be where roof issues happen first.

  • Storm damage

  • Other general areas:

    • We want to see a roof membrane free from blisters, holes, tears, cracks, or signs of ponding water.

In some cases, our technician may also take a core sample of the roof to understand what layers of roof material, insulation board, cover board, or vapor barrier may be present as part of the roof system. We will never take a core sample without the authorization of the building owner or manager, and we always professionally patch the core sample area.

Minor spot repairs to the commercial roof.

Minor spot repairs to the commercial roof.

Also, part of our commercial roof tune-ups are minor spot-repairs that our inspection tech can perform while on your roof. One small repair that another inspector may walk past is an opportunity for our commercial roofing team to protect a section of roofing as a complimentary service.

What does this mean?

  • Commercial roof sealant – Specifically, our commercial roof inspector will review how your roof is sealed under coping flashing and/or termination bars. These areas often need re-sealing. If we notice an area needs additional sealant, we will apply it immediately to help keep the roof watertight. Sealant may also be applied to storm collars, counter flashing, vents, and pipe jack flashings. (typically, no more than 1 tube of commercial roof sealant per tune- up).

  • Roof drains – We will also clean roof drain baskets and/or scuppers from any debris blocking water flow. Clogged roof drains create ponding water and are a major source of commercial roof leaks. (typically, 1-2 5-gal buckets of debris removal from drains are included).

Debris removal – Over time, debris can accumulate on commercial roofs.

  • Debris removal – Over time, debris can accumulate on commercial roofs. Items like tree branches, plastic waste, etc. can accelerate the deterioration of your roof membrane. We’ll remove these items during our visit to your roof (typically up to 1-2 5-gal buckets of debris, in addition to drain cleaning buckets).

Commercial roof report.

After our visit to the roof to inspect and perform light repairs, we will prepare a commercial roof report to deliver to the owner or property manager. Each commercial roof tune-up report includes the following categories, all of which will be supported by photos and descriptions based on our roof inspection.

  • Overall roof grade – and comments regarding ponding water, material condition.

  • Grade for roof material seams.

  • Grade for roof penetrations/flashings.

  • Grade for roof drains, gutters, or scuppers.

  • Suggested roof repair areas.

  • Anticipated remaining roof life.

The report will be electronically delivered in a no-obligation format so the building owner or manager can review for themselves. If there are any areas that our team suggests for repairs, we will provide a repair estimate separately for your consideration.

When you are ready for your commercial roof tune-up, contact the commercial roofing team at Eastern Roofing Systems. We will schedule an appointment for the tune-up and professionally address any concerns you have about your building’s roof.

Commercial roof maintenance in Baltimore/WashinGton DC Metro.

Being proactive about commercial roof maintenance is important for any commercial building. But the stakes are even higher in the Southeastern plain ecoregion, where roofs are regularly tasked with hot and humid summers, chilly winters, and sporadic snowfall. It may seem strange, but what we have found is the more you maintain your roof, the less you spend on it overall.

Not all commercial roofs we inspect are maintainable, however. In some cases, urgent repairs are needed before the roof can be considered maintainable. For example, when a building sells to a new buyer, we often receive calls to begin maintaining the roof. However, the seller may not have been so proactive, so certain repairs will be required before routine

maintenance can begin.

How much do commercial roof maintenance plans cost?

How much do commercial roof maintenance plans cost?

On average, commercial roof maintenance costs $0.05-$0.15 per square foot of roof surface. Keep in mind the cost for ongoing roof maintenance depends on several factors, and each maintenance plan is custom- designed for the needs of the building. This expense is an annual maintenance cost, and if larger repairs are needed, our team can help you budget and plan for those individually. This cost includes the annual tune-up, light repairs, and report once per year with additional roof work performed as needed.

What if my building needs a commercial roof replacement?

We always aim to extend the life of your commercial roof as long as possible. But eventually, it may need to be replaced. If our commercial roof maintenance tune-up inspection reveals that it’s time to replace the roof, our team can help. We will estimate the cost of the roof replacement and provide a timeline for what the project scope will look like.

How does maintenance affect my NDL commercial warranty?

Many commercial roofs are installed with a no-dollar-limit (NDL) warranty. NDL warranties help protect the building owner in the event of improper installation or faulty roof materials. But NDL warranties have their own set of terms and conditions that must be followed for the warranty to remain in effect.

Most NDL warranties require regular inspections of the roof and require the roof to be maintained. If there comes time for a warranty claim and the NDL provider discovers that regular inspections and maintenance have not been performed, they are likely to deny the warranty request leaving the building owner on the hook for the costly repairs.

Ready for your commercial roof maintenance tune-up? Get a hold of Eastern Roofing Systems to get started!


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