Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Mission Statement

To perpetuate our growth and well-being by providing the highest quality in roofing products and services in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We set the highest standard of achievement through our dedication to maintaining the founding principles of our company: Integrity, Quality and Innovation.


Our relationships are built on trust. Integrity is the solid foundation of high moral and ethical standards. We fulfill our objectives in an honest, forthright manner.


A multi-faceted goal that can only be defined, measured and achieved through complete customer satisfaction.

High quality is the end result of totally committed people utilizing superior technical knowledge and expertise: established products, proven systems and indispensable value-added services - all combined in a proactive effort to create and maintain an absolutely satisfied customer.


A commitment shared by every member of the Eastern Roofing team to the ongoing and continuous improvement of our expertise in creating and utilizing new products and services that will be valued by our customers.

Innovative change must be consistent with our principles of Integrity and Quality and must be beneficial to our customers and to Eastern Roofing Systems, Inc.

Safety, Technical Expertise, Warranty, On-Time, Quality, Completion, Price