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reroofing and replacement

reroofing & REPLACEMENT

getting you back to business is our top priority. Efficiency is key, from project engineers to insurance adjusters, our team is there to ensure your expectations are met. Expertly managing all aspects of your project to ensure the best outcome and minimal disruption. 

Every roof has a finite useful life. Anticipating your roof’s replacement lowers the risk of a potentially disastrous situation. ERSI’s highly-trained specialists can evaluate the condition of your current roof and assist in developing a timeline for a replacement to meet your long-term goals and your budget.

pitched commercial roofing



metal retrofit roofing


A retrofit is a viable and cost-effective solution for a failing metal roof. If you're experiencing high maintenance costs, deficient energy efficiencies, problematic leaks and rainwater discharge, or all of the above, a retrofit system can help. 

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