Sheet Metal Division

In-House Custom Fabrication to Fit Any Profile

We provide our customers with custom sheet metal fabrication right on premise! Eastern Roofing Systems’ Custom Fabrication and Sheet Metal Division has extensive capabilities that allow us to fabricate and install architectural and ornamental sheet metal to fit any profile. Our close working relationship with professional engineers and designers with years of experience certifies that our products exceed engineering expectations. Our extensive inventory of metal from the industry’s top manufacturers allows our skilled team to custom fabricate sheet metal to your specifications in-house.

We partner with a wide variety of manufacturers throughout the country to bring our customers the best in fabrication and installation.
Firestone PAC CLAD Atas Imetco


Products We Fabricate:

  • Architectural & Ornamental Sheet Metal
  • IMP Panels
  • Both TPO & PVC Coated Metals
  • Gutters:
    •  6” Seamless K Style Gutters
    •  7” Seamless Commercial Gutters
    •  Custom Smooth Rectangular Or Square Tapered Downspouts

Equipment We Use:

  • Computer Numeric Control (“CNC”) Autobrake
    • Capable of all profiles from simple roof edgings to ornamental cornice detail
    • Quality is maintained through CNC control
  • Manual Brakes
  • Roll Formers
  • Lock Formers
  • Slitters

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