Peace of mind is knowing that your roof system is covered by an excellent warranty. If you ever have a problem with your roof, just call us for immediate service. We are ceritified warranty specialists by ALL major roofing system manufacutrers. Regardless of whether your roof was installed and warrantied by Eastern, we can complete the warranty work for you.

Preventative Maintenance – Making the Most of Your Roof:
Preventative Maintenance is necessary to help extend your roof life. This can be as simple as keeping gutters and drains free of debris – or can involve a Preventative Maintenance Schedule agreement. We help you meet your obligations for maintaining all roofing warranties.

  • Extend existing roof life
  • Evaluate energy efficiency and provide related roof enhancements
  • Identify and address roof safety concerns such as skylight protection, hatch rail systems and warning lines that will meet or exceed OSHA requirements
  • Provide thermal energy reports to identify moisture within a roof system
  • Establish roof condition and assist in the development of roofing budgets
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